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Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate announced today that Camp Cobblestone has been chosen by the editors of Architectural Digest magazine as one of the outstanding " SELECT PROPERTIES " from around the world.
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Camp Cobblestone
is featured prominently in
"Great Camps of the Adirondacks" by Harvey Kaiser

Camp Cobblestone represents one of the last remaining Great Camps in northern New York and was originally built by the father of Pennsylvania Governor George H. Earle Jr., between 1900 - 1915. The estate is comprised of over 20 acres and includes eleven separate buildings and 1500 feet of prime waterfront on Spitfire Lake in the St. Regis chain. Camp Cobblestone’s remarkable architecture features a unique cobblestone boathouse, 2 story stone tower, a magnificent octagonal living room with diamond pane windows and numerous stone guest cottages and buildings.


The historic significance of Camp Cobblestone’s unique architecture is highlighted by the main buildings which are constructed from individual cobblestones that were collected from the bed of the St. Regis River by workers retrieving the stones and placing them on horse-drawn barges. These barges were then equipped with sleds and pulled across the frozen lake during the winter so that stone masons could individually sort the smooth rocks according to shape and size.
Each building within the camp compound features magnificent cathedral ceilings and large picture windows commanding sweeping views of both Spitfire Lake and Whiteface Mt.

"Eyebrow dormers match the carpenter's art with that of Cobblestone's masons."

from "Great Camps of the Adirondacks" by Harvey Kaiser

"The architecture of this camp is magnificent. The principal buildings are constructed from cobblestone that were collected from the bed of the St. Regis River by workers retrieving the stones and placing them on horse-drawn barges that were aligned along the shore."

from a Brief History of Camp Cobblestone

"A unique expression of vernacular camp architecture, Camp 'Cobblestone' reflects the owner's personal taste."

from "Great Camps of the Adirondacks" by Harvey Kaiser

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